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AllStarsWomen CryptoAcademy

Less than 10% of women feel they understand crypto, and this means that the majority of women are being left behind from one of the most important opportunities for wealth creation of our generation.

How can we bring more diversity and inclusivity into the entrepreneurial ecosystem? And how can we achieve true gender equality in the crypto and Web3 space?

At AllStarsWomen we believe that education and support from a community of like minded women is key to encourage more women to seize the opportunity and lead the way in web3 and the Crypto Space, that's why we created the AllStarsWomen Crypto Academy where, with the perfect mix of professional guidance and the help of the community, you'll quickly find a home in the academy and accelerate your learning.

Head of the Academy


Sharon Knoller


Sharon has spent her career at the intersection of revenue generation, marketing, product and emerging tech, with almost 10 years consulting to startups + Fortune 500 companies. She is the CEO and founder of various companies both in Europe and US in the blockchain space. As well as, sits on the board of advisors to various Web3 Projects. In 2017 She was one of the first women in the space to fully own and run a cryptocurrency exchange, working with banks, liquidity providers, and regulators, internationally. In 2020 She founded TheCryptoMediaGroup, a strategy firm that helps emerging tech pioneers with thought leadership and go-to-market providing the full suite of services in order to launch a successful project. As a member of Women in Blockchain, a worldwide organization that helps women find their next career move in the space, Sharon cares deeply about making sure women are well educated on the benefits and opportunities of blockchain, in order to help bridge the gap. Through her work she’s raised awareness and understanding of the “new possibilities” unlocked by blockchain technology, and how that translates to a next era of Web3, helping founders who work at the edge of possible to translate their work to the world and take their products to market.


What the Academy offers

Our head of AllStarsWomen Crypto Academy Mrs. Sharon Knoller will answer all your questions via our discord crypto Q&A channel. If you have any questions regarding cryptocurrency trading, blockchain technology, cryptography, or other related topics, feel free to post and we will answer you. 

The Academy offers the following:

Live weekly Webinars

- Every Wednesday at 2 pm UK time. 

We will be covering weekly market updates and host crypto experts who will share their insights. 

Yearly Boot Camps 

-Offering programs with 3 optional levels from beginner to advanced. 

One on one sessions 

- Reading Trading Charts

- Analyzing Tokens Fundamentally

- Managing Risk

- Creating Trading Systems

- The DeFi Ecosystem

and more...


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The AllStarsWomen NFT Club and DAO /and AllStarsWomen Crypto Academy hold no responsibility in any losses readers may suffer due to their investments.

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