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AllStarsWomen Diversity Recruitment Agency

"Connecting highly skilled female professionals with companies across the web3 sector."

We created the AllStarsWomen Diversity recruitment agency, to avoid replicating the same mistakes in the web3 space that we face in web2. We want to help as much talented women to find job opportunities across the tech and web3 sector.

Even though a lot of efforts have been made to bring more diversity to the workplace specially in the tech and Web3 sector, many research shows that we are still far from closing the gender gap in the workplace, and the funding gap for women in the venture capital space, which makes it harder for women to innovate and to  found their companies and contribute to the global economy. It is not only a moral crisis but a missed opportunity worth trillions of dollars as it is proven that companies founded by female founders are more profitable and go public much faster than the companies led by men and they do it while raising less funds. It is also proven that diverse teams perform better and innovate faster. 

If you are a company looking to diversify your workplace, don't hesitate to contact us or to get in touch with Jay ! 

Head of the Agency


Jay Wong

Hey I'm Jay,

I help to connect the various subsidiaries of the mainstream crypto influencer and educator The Coin Bureau. I help projects connect with people and grow great teams, I help projects connect with other projects, I help projects to connect with one of the largest #VCfunding syndicates, and with our Bespoke #Metaverse Build solution and #NFT whitelisting solution lead by Filippo Bertocchi which has helped with projects like the Forever 21 Decentraland Store which has implemented some of the coolest instancing tech

#Crypto and #Blockchain genuinely are my passion, when I get to spend all day interacting and helping the best projects to achieve their goals by finding the best people, I know I've contributed to the next financial world change and every butterfly effect in between if that project moons or makes a huge impact on the space!

Connecting people and projects is my passion, with nearly 10+ years of experience matching candidates to their dream roles, and a background as a VP of marketing and within social media management

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