AllStarsWomen NFT Club & DAO

"Bringing diversity and inclusion to the entrepreneurial ecosystem"

AllStarsWomen is an NFT membership based club and DAO that brings together female founders, entrepreneurs and male/female investors. Female founders will have access to the capital, network and resources they need to succeed.

Investors and institutions looking to back women-led projects will have access to ASW private equity fund, a global pipeline for women-led initiatives in Web 3.0.   



By joining the AllStarsWomen NFT Club, members will have access to:

1. A wide network of female entrepreneurs and investors. This allows entrepreneurs to access funds/find strategic partners and investors to have early access to female-led companies in web 3.0 via our private equity fund.  

2. The AllStarsWomen Start-up factory, offering mentorship programs, accelerator programs and exclusive podcasts and webinars with industry leaders to discuss the latest tech trends and insights. 

3. The ASW CryptoAcademy offering educational, women-centric programs, to encourage more women to lead the way in the crypto space and benefit from one of the most important opportunities for wealth creation of our generation. 

4. The ASW Diversity recruitment agency, connecting highly skilled female professionals with companies across the Web 3.0 sector. 

5. Access to all ASW events in the metaverse, online and in person. 


How the private Equity fund works

Institutions/investors looking to diversify their portfolios and invest in female-led projects can invest in our PEF as Limited Partners. The investments gathered from Limited Partners will be managed by the General Partner and will be re-invested in a portfolio of female-only led companies which have been selected by our accelerator program and voted for by the DAO. All investors looking to invest in the fund and companies looking to receive funding need to own an NFT of our collection. Our NFT collection essentially acts as a global pipeline for female-led opportunities and as a gateway for females to obtain funding and connect with institutions and investors. 

The AllStarsWomen will be using a DAO structure to allow the community to select the startups that they want to fund. To help community members make the right choice, we created within ASW, a start-up factory offering educational programs around investing, and mentorship programs to help founders accelerate their time to market. The start-up factory will hold an accelerator program, where a few companies will be selected and our community members will vote which one of them they would like the DAO to fund.   



Phase 01- 

Building the community of founders, entrepreneurs and investors. Launch of CryptoAcademy, Start-up factory and Recruitment agency, where we started offering our members part of the club's services.  

Phase 02- 

Active search for strategic partners to create the private equity fund.  

Phase 03- 

DAO creation and launch of accelerator program to fund selected companies. 

Phase 04- 

First private sale of 2500 NFT's to selected female founders/entrepreneurs and our partners.  

Phase 05- 

3 rounds public sale of 2500 NFT's at each round.   




Projects we support

Fostering sustainable growth with Blockchain


BunakooDAO by AfroValley

The project uses an  innovative approach to support farmers empowerment and sustainable development by utilizing NFTs competitive advantages. 

Why we choose to support BunakooDAO:

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and economic
powerhouse. $558.49 Million daily transactions of the global green coffee market occurred in 2020. Farmers are not fairly rewarded for their labor compared to the value gained and earned by the rest of the supply chain in the global marketplace. 6 million families globally depend on coffee production to survive.

BunakooDAO currently consists of 500 farmers with a yield of 70000 tonnes of coffee and accumulated revenue of 300 million dollars. The figures are expected to grow year on year by 30%. The DAO will also cover approximately 1.5 billion trees and environment ( soil ) with the amount of Carbon credit that will be worth more than 1.5 billion dollars.

Furthermore, according to online data, the lands are affected by 18% deforestation with 34% agricultural expansion. The DAO is expected to protect ecology & biodiversity. 

Women make up 75% of the coffee labour in Ethiopia. Economically only 35% of the profit will be accessed by these women. Currently within the network only 6 women is fronting it as lead farmer and trade.

The Dancing Goats Collection is an initiative where BunakooDAO showcase the journey of the unique coffee blends from the farmland. This project aims to
tell the story - in the digital space - of the heritage, culture and social values
of coffee farmers in Ethiopia whose agricultural practices go beyond the
10th century. This will pave the way for empowerment and recognition of
these indispensable contributors to the enjoyment of coffee around the world.
There are six projects under the main NFT Collection. Each promotes a
social impact cause such as environmental, social ,community centric and history. They are driven from the context within the coffee ecosystem.

ALLSTARSWOMEN will focus on the empowerment of women coffee farmers. 

By supporting their NFT/DigitalArt, AllStarsWomen will help BunakooDAO to bring a first all women coffee blend from seed to the mug. 60% sales of DigitalArt will go to the Farmers Community.

The fund will support projects to build Infrastructure closer to their Farm including warehousing, processing to assist export ready for shipment coffee products, ultimately improving quality.
The governance of the project will be lead by the farmers and women's voice will be part of it. The project will be traceable and reported back to the NFT


Changing Lives Foundation

By Female Tech Leaders


The Foundation helps low income women to retrain and up skill their digital skills and be reinserted into the workforce.

Focusing on two countries: Brazil and India.

The foundation offers training programs to help these women work as Social Media assistants or as freelance. 

Donations will help pay mentors, buy computers, pay for internet connection and offer a monthly groceries baskets. 


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