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 AllStarsWomen DAO

"Closing the gender gap in the tech space and building an inclusive web3"

At AllStarsWomen, our goal is to close the gender and investment gap for women in Web3 and AI by creating opportunities and bridging the knowledge gap. We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and are dedicated to bringing industry leaders and curious minds together to foster innovation and creativity. We have over 1000 Ambassadors and 12 Chapters around the world. 


AllStarsWomen offers consultancy and advisory services to support companies in their D&I strategies, helping them to create equal representation and healthy, efficient work environments.

Join us to create a more equitable future ! 



By joining the AllStarsWomen DAO, members will have access to:

A wide network of female entrepreneurs and investors. This allows entrepreneurs to access funds/find strategic partners and investors to have early access to female-led companies in web 3.0 via our private equity fund.  

Access to all ASW events in the metaverse, online and in person. 


How we operate

DAOs act as a more ethical and transparent way to operate organizations. Not only do they eliminate the need for centralized, hierarchical decision-making, but they also successfully align incentives among all stakeholders. This upgrades users and contributors of the organization into genuine investors and owners. By opting for community ownership, DAOs allow those who are actively working in the organization to have a say in critical decisions regarding its future.if we make sure to design them with a fair governance and voting system making sure the decision doesn't ends up in the hands of few people in the DAO. 
DAOs, will ultimately empower women and minorities. People coming together in a democratic way is key for building a more equitable future.

Investment DAOs tap into the power of Web3 to democratize the investment process and make it more inclusive.

AllStarsWomen is an investment DAO and will have its own token, the ASW, that will be listed on crypto exchanges. The community rules are agreed upon and governance is enforced through smart contracts. 

How de we differ from a traditional VC;

As effective as the VC model has been, it still has its issues. They are not very inclusive and decision-making is quite centralized. VC is also considered a highly illiquid asset class by institutional investors. In traditional VC's, LPs are not able to liquidate their positions in the fund before the fund offers an exit. Tokenized investment DAOs address that issue. Investment DAOs can have a token that derives its value from the underlying portfolio. At any point in time, investors that own these tokens can sell them on a crypto exchange. In offering this functionality, investment DAOs offer returns similar to those of traditional VCs, albeit with a lesser liquidity risk. This makes them a better investment vehicle just based on the risk-return profile.

Our Partners

Future Leader.jpg


Building the future of leadership in Web3

Our mission is to build the future of leadership by empowering 1 million women to take the leading role in the next major wave of emerging technologies.

Mission Impact is a Global Leadership Development program focusing on business-critical web3 training, personal growth, and impact for women so that they can accelerate their leadership within their organizations, community, and in the world.

Elevate your Impact. Build your Legacy.



How to Join or Contact Us

You can join our community by joining us on our Discord by clicking: here !


You can join our active community on Telegram by clicking: here

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You can CONTACT US by filling the form below.

All members need to familiarise themselves with our code of conduct 

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